Painting Brush Set (Flat Top)
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Excellent weasel hair brush in flat headed (along with some horse hair) wooden pen body.

High quality brush material, simplicity and classic design, suitable for watercolor and poster painting.



1) Wash it with warm water immediately after using and then dry by placing the brush head upward.

2) Do not soak it in water for a long duration.

6 different dimension brush in a pack.


#2 - Brush head: 11mm (length) x 9mm (width)

#4 - Brush head: 14mm (length) x 11mm (width)

#6 - Brush head: 16mm (length) x 13mm (width)

#8 - Brush head: 18mm (length) x 15mm (width)

#10 - Brush head: 23mm (length) x 18mm (width)

#12 - Brush head: 24mm (length) x 20mm (width)


Average body length: 28cm


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Painting Brush Set (Flat Top)